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Paper Submission

The organizing committee of MECS 2024 makes a special statement concerning contributions as follows:

1. All articles contributed to MECS 2024 must be new articles which have not been published in any journals or publications, and the copyrights of the articles should not have been demised to any institution, organization or individual.

2. Several kinds of articles are to be declined by MECS 2024:

1) Pseudo-articles which are incompetent in reasoning and devoid of any statistics, experiments or designs;

2) Plagiarized articles;

3) Articles translated by translation software;

4) Articles irrelevant to the theme and scope of this conference.

3. MECS 2024 takes a tough position to plagiarism. All articles registered will be tested for plagiarism. Any article that fails to pass the plagiarism detection will be sent back to its writer.

4. MECS 2024 earnestly requests article-contributors to scrupulously abide by academic ethics. We also objects to repeated submission of one article and withdrawal of articles without reason.

5. In order to strengthen the supervision and examination of articles and to ensure the quality of articles, the administration team of MECS 2024 will examine each article for several workdays. Please be patient on the Program Committee.


Submission Methods:

Prospective authors are invited to submit full papers including results, figures and references. Paper will be accepted by email:

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